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How to Receive the HappyJoyLife!

If you’re like me, you may have grown up in church, hearing about the “HappyJoyLife” that the Bible promises - peace, health, prosperity, success, joy - the list goes on…but you may also have wondered “Why don’t I SEE those things happening in MY life???”  Have you ever wondered why true success, blessings and happiness can sometimes feel so far out of reach?

I know, it’s hard to even admit if you struggle with a question like this.  We have been taught that if we aren’t experiencing blessings and goodness in our lives, it’s because there’s something wrong with us - that perhaps we are not doing enough to cause God to give us these good things.

I beg to differ.  We have been given the great privilege to be partners with a Good God, who loves us and has good things stored up for us.  All we have to do is to believe that He IS good, that we WANTS us to enjoy the HappyJoyLife, and that He has already done everything necessary for us to live this amazing life.  All we have to do is learn how to receive it from Him.

To receive the HappyJoyLife, the most powerful resource He has given us is the one right between our ears - our mindset.  Our mindset has the power to be the deciding factor as to whether we will enjoy blessings in our lives, or continue to experience one disappointment after another.  The good news is, He has shown us in His Word how to get the blessings, instead of the disappointments!

Mindset is defined as:  “the culmination of our thoughts and beliefs that determine how we go through life.”  The Bible uses another phrase to describe mindset:  It’s called “renewing our minds”.

As I contemplated on this idea of mindset, God gave me a vision of a tree.  The roots of the tree represent our beliefs - the essence of who we are as a person.  From those beliefs come our thoughts - the things we say to ourselves about ourselves and others.  Whatever thoughts we establish in our mind then directly influence our actions, which in turn determine what kind of results we will see.

So often, we hope - we pray - that our circumstances will change.  We so desperately want to enjoy the “fruit” in life.  The truth is, God has already given us every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ (Ephesians 1:3).  Every good thing God has promised starts as a spiritual blessing, which then has the power to manifest into a physical blessing.  The problem is that we haven’t been taught properly how to receive those blessings. 

The reason we don’t see this “fruit” is NOT because we aren’t working hard enough.  It’s NOT because we are not obedient enough.  It’s NOT because we don’t believe enough, or haven’t given enough.  It’s NOT because God is trying to “teach us a lesson”.  These are all sorry excuses that lead to the idea that God is good to us only when WE are good.  God is Love.  He is Perfect Love.  Agape Love.  All the time.

The reason we haven’t seen the fruit is because we haven’t been taught how to create the proper mindset that will allow us to receive these blessings.

Today, I just wanted to simply open up the conversation.  In following blogs, I want to talk with you about the different aspects of this Mindset Tree, in order to learn the process of renewing our minds.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!

So, email me at leave a comment …let me know what you think.  Stay tuned with me, and let’s take this journey together! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Jesus…

Out of all the people born on this planet, it is marvelous to realize that You were the one and only human being ever to walk on this planet that actually CHOSE to be born… 

You – Maker of this vast universe, galaxies and beyond…You – Who holds every creation together…You – Who has the power and authority to control everything that ever was, is and will be…

You made a conscience decision to be born on this earth.  THAT is amazing…

Jesus, it is hard to really understand why you would step out of your place of infinity and wonder, and choose to step into this tiny little planet that YOU made for us.  I still grabble with the fact that I have a God who loves me so much, that You were willing to come down to this level – just so that You could be close to me.  It reminds me of a parent watching their child playing, and is willing to get down His hands and knees on the floor to be close to His loved one.  You could have chosen to sit in Your heavenly chair and watch from a distance, but instead, you chose to connect with me a personal, face-to-face, eye-to-level.  To be able to see my God at such a close-up level – this is the greatest miracle of them all!

If this was all you ever did, that would be enough.  But coming to earth was just the beginning of your overall plan.  On top of the greatest miracle of all, you have invited me to not only come near to you, but you have given me the gifts of righteousness, peace, joy, abundance, love, rest, health, wholeness, and a life that will never end.  And if THAT were not even enough, you have shown me the path that leads to me becoming just like you.

Jesus, words can’t even capture how incredible your love is for me.  You were born for me, so that I could be born again with you.

You are definitely the greatest gift-giver of them all.  Thank you for everything, and again – Happy Birthday!