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  • How to Receive the HappyJoyLife!

    How to Receive the HappyJoyLife!

    If you’re like me, you may have grown up in church, hearing about the “HappyJoyLife” that the Bible promises – peace, health, prosperity, success, joy – the list goes on…but you may also have wondered “Why don’t I SEE those things happening in MY life???”  Have you ever wondered why true success, blessings and happiness […]

  • Happy Birthday, Jesus…

    Happy Birthday, Jesus…

    Out of all the people born on this planet, it is marvelous to realize that You were the one and only human being ever to walk on this planet that actually CHOSE to be born…  You – Maker of this vast universe, galaxies and beyond…You – Who holds every creation together…You – Who has the […]