A "Must-Read" for Women of All Ages:

"Rising to Royalty:  The Journey to Your True Identity"


  • - Where hurts and disappointments come from, and how to overcome them
  • - How to let go of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that keep you from true happiness
  • - How to have an authentic, passion-filled relationship with Jesus
  • - Learn what your identity in Jesus really means, and how it will change your life!
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Journey with us as we reveal how to experience your personal path of “Rising to Royalty”.

Perhaps you currently find yourself in a place of brokenness, feeling unloved and ordinary; or maybe you have grown accustomed to depending on your own defense mechanisms to protect yourself, allowing you to “function”, but still feeling empty; or it may be that you are experiencing the joys of walking in an ever-deepening covenant with Jesus, which leads to your ultimate destination – your place of royalty.

We will peek into the lives of numerous women of the Bible – our sisters – from whom there is much to learn. From their examples, they demonstrate that regardless of where you are today, you are not alone. And as many of them had hope in their Almighty Father, there is also hope for you. I will also share my personal journey of “Rising to Royalty”.  God wants you to know that the miracles He has performed in my life, He also wants to perform in yours!

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This workbook, a supplement to the book, “Rising to Royalty:  The Journey to Your True Identity”, is designed to guide you down your own special path of recognizing your true identity in Christ.

Because you are unique and special, like no other woman created, your exploration through this workbook will take you on your own exclusive journey to capture the truth concerning your identity in Jesus.



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Includes book and workbook.  Perfect for group Bible studies, or for your own personal spiritual growth.





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