“What’s God Got To Do With My Purpose?”

God has an important message for you.  And I believe that it’s a message that can change the landscape of your entire life.

I’ve met many people who long to understand what they are on this planet to do.  But for many reasons, most become frustrated and discouraged, to the point where they have given up searching out their life purpose.

Maybe it’s just the ex-engineer in me, but this I know for sure:  Everything that is designed or built has someone who designed or built it.  As human beings, I believe that it is God who designed and built us.  That means that He is the one who understands what we each were unique created to be and do.  So, if we truly want to understand our life purpose, it is important that we look to the One who made us.

Your creator wants you to know that He knows you inside out.  Like a fingerprint, He designed you so uniquely that you are a one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated.  And within that unique design is a destiny that has been embedded into you.  One that is shouting to come out!

I believe that the reason many of us don’t ever find our destiny is  that there are so many misconceptions about ourselves, based on misconceptions about how God feels about us.  But once we understand the truth about God and how He feels about us, this truth unlocks something within us that actually causes our purpose to chase us down!



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