Happy Joy Life

Do you wonder why certain people drive you nuts?

Do you have family or friends that you wish you could get along better with?

Do you want to know how to “click” with others almost instantly?

Do you want to understand how to
improve your own relationship-building skills?

If so, then this workshop is for you!

Whenever two or more people come together in any kind of relationship, the potential for misunderstandings and conflict is always there. Relational struggles are not always a bad thing, but how we manage them determines whether we see our connection with others blossom, or if the relationship fails.

Most of us find ourselves to be ill-equipped when we find ourselves in the midst of a relationally challenging time. This can often lead to further misunderstandings, where trust and love can be threatened. But with the proper tools in hand, these struggles can actually lead to a deeper level of commitment, intimacy and growth.

There are many valuable lessons we can learn from what might seem very ordinary things and circumstances. Trees, for example, are everywhere. As one of the longest lasting creations on the planet, they know how to survive and thrive. Through storms, disasters, trees are very resilient. During this workshop, we will learn from our friends the trees, to help us learn to grow relationally, in spite of opposition and conflict.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the difference between good and bad
  • Know what it’s costing you by not properly handling
    relational issues
  • Understand where relational resistance comes from,
    and how to approach it in a positive manner
  • Learn how to perform a “self-check” to prevent
    disagreements from escalating
  • Learn specific steps to successfully guide yourself
    and others through difficult situations
  • Leave with a number of tips and techniques that will
    help you to more gracefully approach that person you struggle with getting
    along with.

This workshop provides you with simple but powerful techniques to help you turn stressful relationships into positive ones, so that you can live the HappyJoyLife!

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