"Embrace your true identity & enjoy the abundant life by discovering the truth about God and how He sees you!"

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Who You Are...

Between work, family and friends, you keep very busy. You have all the close relationships that you feel that you need, and most people in your circle look up to you and consider you to be a role model. When you think about your life, you are thankful for all your blessings!  All in all, you are living the good life!  

You’re smart, motivated, and you have a lot to offer the world. But you sense that there is still something missing...Read more...


Who WE Are...

The "HappyJoyLife" is attainable for each and every one of us!  We believe that life is an amazing gift from God - one that's filled with purpose, accomplishment, happiness and joy - a life of true abundance!

This world is filled with imperfections; it’s probably not possible to have a life that is perfect. But it is TOTALLY possible to have a life that is more satisfying, happy and peaceful.

This change all starts with what we believe....

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