Happy Joy Life
  • Do you struggle with self-doubt, criticism or the sense of not being "good enough" ?
  • Are you often too hard on yourself?
  • Are you holding on to hurts and losses that need to be released?
  • Do you long to understand what makes you special?

If so, then you may be struggling to accept your true identity - that you are special, gifted, unique and adored by God.

And it's time to "Release Your Inner Princess"!

Many women wrestle with a spiritual “disconnect” that causes us to see ourselves from a distorted mirror - not at all how God truly see us. This retreat is designed to help you adjust that false mirror, and see yourself from your Heavenly Father's viewpoint - His child, and His ROYAL DAUGHTER!

During this special time, you will discover:

  • How to recognize and release that false identity that is holding you back
  • How to be guided by your present and future, instead of your past
  • New belief systems that will draw you closer to God, and to His love for you
  • To embrace your true self, and to walk in the privilege and favor of God
  • Why it's so important to love yourself - and how to do it!

This retreat is prayerfully designed to help you reconnected with the truth of who you really are – and release your inner princess!

Stay tuned for the next "Releasing Your Inner Princess" retreat, or contact us to schedule your own personal and exclusive "Releasing Your Inner Princess" Retreat-On-Demand!