the journey to your true identity

Book Club

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DATES: Book club meets EVERY OTHER WEEK for 5 sessions: April 18, (May 2 - changed to May 1), May 16, May 30 & June 13, 2024. New date added: June, 27.

TIME: 6:30PM - 8:30 PM

WHERE: (Bridgeway Church, 5201 E Warren Ave, Denver, CO 80222 - changed to Michele's House)


As a part of this book club, you will be invited to:

- Acknowledge your personal "Meager Mindsets", and learn how to release them

- Identity the self-protective masks we all have used, so that you can lay them down

- Receive the purity of Jesus' love for you, and allow Him to be your Everything

- Embrace your true identity in Christ, and allow it to change your life!

You are welcome to join us!

Happy Joy Life

You long to feel treasured.  You need to know that you are special.  You dream of a love that lasts forever.  But real-life often falls short of these dreams, and you end up forgetting who - and whose - you really are. You are not a spiritual pauper.  Your Heavenly Father is a King, and you are His beloved daughter.

In "Rising to Royalty: the Journey to Your True Identity", you will discover what has been holding you back from walking in your true identity of God's royalty.  You will learn how the Meager Mindset has impacted your life, and the masks that have been created to hide those pains and hurts.  Jesus wants you to lay it all down and come to Him, so that He can  be everything that you need.  As we let go of our masks and lean more on Jesus, we begin to rise into our true position of royalty in His Kingdom.

Journey with us as we travel the path to your true identity.  Laying down your masks empowers you to pick up your royal crown.  With Him and in Him, your life can have a fairy - tale ending!