Who You Are

Between work, family and friends, you live a busy life. You are a good friend, and most people in your circle look up to you and consider you to be a role model. When you think about your life, you are thankful for all your blessings!  All in all, you are living a great life!  

You’re smart, motivated, and you have a lot to offer the world. But you sense that there is still something missing...

In spite of your success thus far, you can't help but to wonder if there is more – much more – to life than what you are experiencing. Deep down, where others can't see, you often struggle with insecurities, fears and self-doubt. You are often frustrated because you feel that you should be accomplishing more than you are.  Your biggest need right now is understanding what is holding you back - what's keeping you from accomplishing your deepest and most precious dreams and desires.

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

You desperately want to make a greater change in your own life, and for those you love. But you simply don’t know where to start. You have an idea of what you want to do and be, but there seems to be a huge chasm between where you are today, and the dreams that are deep in your heart. You feel a burning from within, and you know that you are on this planet for a reason; but you honestly are not really sure of what that reason is.  You sometimes feel so lost and frustrated, because it's been so difficult to understand what it will take for your life to feel more at ease, fulfilling, and  - complete.

And if we’re really being honest, you sometimes feel that there is something missing in your relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong…you are fully committed to Him in every way, so much so that you want to dedicate your life purpose to serving Him. But your quiet times in prayer and Bible reading are missing something…you are not quite sure what it is, but you long to have that deeper, more intimate understanding of who God is, and who He says that you are. You want your life purpose to be filled with miracles, passion and power, but you secretly feel ashamed because you don’t believe you are measuring up to what is expected of you spiritually.

What You Need Most Right Now

Your primary focus needs to be on getting rid of any false beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing an authentic and powerful relationship with God - and with yourself. It’s time that you see yourself through the pure and perfect eyes of your Creator – instead of how others see you, or how you even see yourself.

At the same time, it’s important for you to become very clear about what makes you a unique one-of-a kind person, with a unique, one-of-a-kind destiny. You need to explore all aspects of what makes you “you”, and then begin mapping out that direction in life that gives you the most gratification and sense of accomplishment. You need to begin to believe in your dreams again, and breathe life back into them!  Doing so will open new exciting doors for every aspect of your life, so that you can have what you want the most - to transform from a "better-than-mediocre" existence into a true "HappyJoyLife" existence that was designed just for you!