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Book Club Announcements

Meeting Location Changed:

  • Before: Bridgeway Church, 5201 E Warren Ave, Denver, CO 80222
  • New Location: Michele's House. We will not post Michele's home address on the website for security purposes. Please check the private HappyJoyLife Facebook Group or text Michele.


Book Club Meeting Dates (2024):

  • April 18 (completed)
  • May 1 (completed)
  • May 16 (completed)
  • May 30
  • June 13

Book Club Discussion

For the meeting taking place on Thursday, May 30:

Book contents to read (pages 89-130):

    • PART THREE: God's Promises
      1. Chapter 7 - God's Promises to Me
      2. Chapter 8 - Entering God's Promises
      3. Chapter 9 - Biblical Women of Promise

Workbook contents (pages 29-39):

    • The workbook contents will be discussed at the meeting. You can answer all the questions in advance and have them ready for discussion, or you can select a few and finish the rest at the meeting.

Book Club Past Discussions:

For the meeting that took place on Thursday, May 16:

Book contents read (pages 53-88):

    • The Meager Mindset was recapped.
    • The Mindset Tree as visualized by Michele Towers was presented and discussed.
    • Most Common Masks (pages 70-73) was read by Michele Towers.

Workbook content discussed (pages N/A):

    • The workbook content on pages 18-28 was not discussed.
    • The workbook content was replaced with a group exercise using the common masks (pages 70-73).


For the meeting that took place on Wednesday, May 1:

Book contents read (pages 19-51):

    • Chapter 1 (21-30) was summarized by Michele Towers.

Workbook content discussed (pages 6-8, 13, 14-17):

    • The workbook content on pages 6-8 and 14-17 was discussed in general with the whole group.
    • Michele asked us to try and fill out Reflection & Prayer (page 13) on our own time.


For the meeting that took place on Thursday, April 18:

Book contents read (pages 5-10):

    • Bonus "The Wandering Princess" - read by Michele Towers

Workbook content discussed (pages 1-2):

    • The workbook content was discussed in groups.