You’re a nice person. You try your best to get along with everyone. You treat others with respect and kindness, and you expect to be treated the same in return. Simple rule to live by, isn’t it?

If only that were the case! The world would be a nearly perfect place if everyone operated under that principle. But if you have ever felt pushed around or intimidated by another, you know that sometimes life is not so cut and dry.

Put an end to being run over by others!  “The Art of Gracefully Standing Up for Yourself” leads you through a coaching process for communicating with people with strong personalities in a respectful and gracious way. Through thoughtful coaching exercises, you will experience a personalized approach to help you learn to stand up to your “bulldozer.”

No matter how long you have felt pushed around by your “bulldozer,” it’s never too late to change that relationship into one that is healthy and rewarding. This is must read for those who want to lovingly stand strong and tall in their relationships!