Get Rid of “Trashy” Thinking

Happy Joy Life

If you are looking for a great movie to watch next weekend, I suggest “The Peaceful Warrior”, a movie that came out several year ago, starring Nick Nolte and Scott Mechlowicz. This inspiring film is a true story based on a college athlete, Dan Millman, who overcame incredible odds to tap into new realms of strength and victory. His mentor, a mysterious man of great wisdom, imparted into him the greatest lesson of all time; that in order to be a successful human being, he would have to learn how to get rid of his “trashy” thinking.

What he was referring to is the internal battle that takes place inside the mind. Whether we are aware of it or not, there are conversations going on in our minds all the time, some positive, others negative. These conversations have a profound effect on how we see ourselves – and ultimately what we are able to accomplish.

These dialogues turn into engrained thoughts and limiting beliefs that have the ability to keep you from reaching your full potential. Let’s take an example: You sense that God is calling you to move in a certain career direction, to fulfill what you believe is your life purpose. You currently don’t have the training you think that you need to get into this career, and your finances are limited. Not only that, but you are also keenly aware of your personal weaknesses, and that your life is not exactly spotless from sin.

“Trashy” dialogue in your mind might sound something like this:

- “I’m not qualified to do great things”
- “What if I fail?”
- I’m struggling because God is trying to teach me a lesson”
- “God loves me, but won’t use me until I get my act together.”

This type of thinking is contrary to God’s personality, and how He sees you. As a believer in Jesus, it is important that you see yourself as qualified (Romans 8:30), victorious (I Corinthians 15:57), and a child of a loving, giving Father (Galatians 4;6,7).

So how to we get rid of “trashy” thinking?

1. Recognize when negative dialogues are going on in your head. Keep in mind that your head is not a superhighway, with no control of the thoughts that race through it.

To combat this thinking, imagine putting up a “toll gate” in your mind. As a thought begins to passes through, recognize that you have the power to allow it to continue, or to shut it down. Tell the thought, “If you don’t have a positive impact on me or others, you’re not allowed to go any further.”

2. Focus your thoughts on ideas that are good, true and positive (Philippians 4:8). Give others the benefit of the doubt. Stop to smell the roses. Take a moment to notice the little things that surround you. Then resist the negative thought by saying replacing it with a positive promise that God has made to you.

Taking hold of these “trashy” thoughts are not always easy when you are not even aware that they are happening.  However, I have seen amazing changes happen very quickly for my coaching clients who learned how to recognize what is going on in their minds.  Through coaching exercises and practice, they have learned to successfully take command over this type of negative thinking.  When you can powerfully take every thought captive and discover the secret of conditioning your thinking to be Jesus-focused, you will be amazed to see your stress levels decreasing, your overall satisfaction with life skyrocketing, and miracles flourishing in your life!

If you'd like to learn how to get rid of the "trashy" thinking that is going on in your own mind, then let's talk!