Getting To The Core Of Relationships

Happy Joy Life

You want to know your life purpose. But what do you need that will help you to reveal what that is?

The fundamental answer lies in relationship. Your relationships determine how you see yourself, your life, and where you are headed in the future.

When we think of relationship, we think of how we get along with our family, co-workers and friends. But there is so much more to consider.

Relationship exists on three different levels:

  1. Your relationship with God. How do you see God, and how do you believe He sees you?
  2. Your relationship with yourself.       How do you see yourself?       How do you speak to and treat yourself?
  3. Your relationship with others. How do you treat others? How do others treat you?

These three levels of relationship are like the parts of an apple: the core, the meat and the skin:

The core of the apple is like to the spiritual level of relationships. Just as the core is connected to the branch of a tree, you have the ability to be connected to something (Someone) bigger than yourself. This connection allows you to be so much more than what you could from trying to make it on your own.

As this life-giving truth becomes a part of your consciousness, you will begin value and appreciate yourself at a deeper level. Just as the meaty part of the apple is refreshing and sweet, you now are able to fully recognize and enjoy your unique God-given abilities, skills and qualities. You come to understand that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and gain a greater respect and peace with self.

When you are able to live in a place of self-respect and self-love, you naturally become irresistibly attractive to others. The beautiful shine of an apple is so attractive. Once you truly value yourself as God values you, like the skin of an apple, others will see your shine, drawing them to you. This attraction empowers you to make a real difference in the world, and allows you to fulfill your life purpose.

Your relationship with God determines how you see yourself. Your relationship with self determines how others see you. In this beautiful flow of relationship, your life purpose can then blossom and be a blessing to others.