Less "God", More "Jesus"

Happy Joy Life

Easter is just around the corner, and for many Christians, this is one of the most special weeks of the year.

In just about any church you walk into this week, you will hear the pastor talking about Jesus. In fact, this is the week when you’ll probably hear Christians talk about Jesus more than ever. However I’m willing to bet that once Easter passes, we will hear His name mentioned less in the pulpits - and from Christians on the street - at least until Christmas rolls around again.

Here’s my point: I think that we talk too much about “God”, and not about “Jesus”.

You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? They are one in the same, aren’t they?” The answer to that is yes, of course…but unfortunately, the subject of god is not so simple anymore.

A person’s image of “god” can be so very different, depending on who we ask. Some people believe that god is in the trees and every part of nature. Some see god as this Invisible Force that has little or nothing to do with our everyday lives. Others see God as some Mean Guy from above who is waiting to punish us every time we mess up. And many Christians still see God as the One who spoke from the top of Mount Sinai - blessing us when we do right, and punishing us when we do wrong.

It’s like walking into a room full of people and shouting out, “Hey You!” Not only would that be annoying to most in the room, but it would also leave everyone confused as to whom you are referring to. Referring to God as simply “God” can sometimes be seen in the same way. It not only runs the risk of sounding generic, but can also conjure up such a wide range of opinions and emotions from others - some that are positive, and others not so good.

Jesus is a very specific person. He is the Son of God, who came to this earth in order to purchase something for us that we could never purchase for ourselves…total forgiveness, total love, and an eternal future with Him. His name is so powerful that the mention of it alone breaks addictions, brings healing and changes any circumstance.

I believe that as Christians, it’s time that we stop talking so much about “God”, and start talking more about Jesus. Jesus came to demonstrate to us that God is not distant from us. Jesus came to let us know that God’s not mad at us. And Jesus came to bring a fulfilling life to anyone who believes in Him.

And here’s the best news of all…Jesus loves you too, even if you are not a Christian. He wants you to know Him, and He wants to share His life with you. Don’t judge Him based on what you have heard or seen from others. Judge Him based on what you come to learn from Him personally. If you want to know Him, just say to Him:

“Jesus, I believe that you came to this earth to purchase my forgiveness. Thank you for paying the price for my sin, and for forgiving me of every wrong I have ever done, am doing right now, and will ever do. Because you paid the price for me, I am in good standing with God. Thanks for being my friend, and I look forward to our new and amazing relationship that starts today.”