Do We Need the 10 Commandments to Succeed?

Happy Joy Life

As Christians, does our personal and professional success rely on being obedient to God's laws?  Not so much as you may think.  Frankly,I think that we’ve all watched Cecil B. DeMille’s “The 10 Commandments” epic one time too many.

Although I say this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, let me explain why this statement is true.

We must remember that as Christians, we are not in the same position as the Israelites who cowered before God at the foot of Mount Sinai. Like the Israelites, we sometimes believe that if we  follow the letter of the law, then God will bless us. But if we fail in any area, then we believe that because we have not obeyed God, then we could lose that blessing. Because of wrong teaching and our wrong believing, we find ourselves bound under requirements of the 10 Commandments (the Law), which of course we can never live up to.

Contrary to popular belief, the 10 Commandments were not given to us as a gift to help us to become better people. In fact, the Bible calls them “the ministry of death”, and “the ministry of condemnation”. (Yes, that’s what they’re called…check out II Corinthians 3:6-9!)

Do not hear me incorrectly. The Law is perfect. The Law is Holy. The Law is from God, and it is just. But that’s where the problem lies. It’s so perfect, holy and just that we as humans can never live up to it.

And that is exactly why Jesus came on the scene.

Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” (Galatians 3:24)

Because the Law is perfect, Jesus was the only one who could fulfill it. And He did it on our behalf so that instead of God’s wrath, we would receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness (Romans 5:17). When you come to believe in the finished work of Jesus, you are no longer under the law, but you are now under grace.

What does this mean for you personally and professionally? Being under grace means that God has empowered you to succeed at everything you do. He wants you to have that new job. He wants you to get that promotion. He wants you to discover and walk in your purpose. You don’t ever have to wonder if you have earned God’s blessing. In fact, you can be confident that He has plans to bless you, to give you to hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

Am I saying that because we are not under the law anymore, that’s it’s okay to sin? I’ll let Paul answer that question for me…

What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Certainly not! (Romans 6:15).

When we believe in Jesus by faith, we immediately become free from the requirements of the Law, which means that we are also free from it punishments. But that does not mean that we can live however we want. Instead, we are now free to allow the Holy Spirit to TEACH us how to live a better life. Grace causes us to sin LESS, not more.

In order to truly experience these blessings, you have to believe that God wants to unconditionally bless you, regardless of your sin. If you were looked over for that promotion, don’t fall for the lie that it is because you weren’t obedient enough to God. If you didn’t get that job that you applied for, don’t believe it’s because God is punishing you for your sin. If things don’t work out your way, instead know that God may be protecting you from something that is not in your best interest. Because you now live under grace, you can trust that He has something better for you!

As a believer in Jesus, you now live under grace, not the law. No longer do you need to roam around the foot of Mount Sinai, trying to earn what you already have. The 10 Commandments have done their job perfectly. They’ve brought you to Christ. Thank them, go on your way, and walk in freedom knowing that by grace, you are in good standing with God. You are free to succeed!

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